Grant the due importance to deratization, disinsection and pest control services!

Do the pests bother you, do you have insects problems or wish an area disinsection following a contamination? Resort with confidence to our services of deratization, disinfection or pest control services offered to our clients, natural persons or trade companies from Pitesti, as well as from Arges County.

Warning: Regardless how small the problem may seem, the home or office disinfection, the disinsection or the pest control must be done without delay; ignoring of the problem may lead to important complications, and from the point of view of the companies, these aspects can imply good functioning.

In case of the companies that work for the wide public, especially in the food business, deratization, disinfection and pest control are operations provided for by law, this being the reason why these operations must be regularly performed.

In order to meet our clients’ needs, we can offer services of deratization, disinsection and pest control within the maintenance contracts, thus taking advantages of excellent trade conditions.

The awareness of the situation and of its importance is essential so that the problems caused by the pests to be eliminated as soon as possible. It is very easy to solve this problem by resorting in due time to our services, avoiding thus to face a crisis situation.

Like in any other field, in case of deratization, disinsection and pest control services, prevention is the best solution!